How To Get Free AWC Atomic Wallet

atomic wallet - Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet as well as AWC token airdrop distribution. Atomic Wallet can accommodate crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Ripple & other AWC terms. Atomic Wallet runs a free airdrop without KYC which instantly distributes AWC tokens for free.

A little explanation of AWC is the token issued by Atomic Wallet. This token serves as a special currency for Atomic Wallet for Atom Wallet users and can distribute prizes to Atomic Wallet users.

As of April 30, about 50% of AWC was registered on the ETH blockchain and released on Binance. Currently AWC is available as AWC-ETH token and as AWC-986. You can buy AWC on the DEX and IDEX Binance exchanges.

How To Get Free AWC Token

You can generate AWC tokens for free and easily. Atomic Wallet runs a membership program where if you invite friends through your code you will get rewards and how to do it.

1. Please click the following link. click here then click Get It On Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users to download the application.

how to get free awc token atomic wallet

2. Wait for the download process to complete, then open the application.

3. Click Create New Wallet then click the menu again in the upper left corner.

4. Enter a password of at least 8 characters then enter the password again to confirm.

5. Then, click Copy To Clipboard then save it in a memo or note.

6. Click the settings menu in the upper right corner.

7. Select the Airdrop menu.

8. Enter your valid email and enter the code 1A42KM to get an additional 5 AWC.

9. If you have opened your email then click Verify Me. Your account will be activated soon.

Note! If you don't enter the 1A42KM code, you won't get your first token bonus.

How to Staking AWC Token 

Token AWC betting allows you to get a monthly prize by delegating ATOM to a trusted validator. Learn how to bet ATOM easily with the Atom Wallet in this guide. To have ATOM on your balance, you can deposit it to your wallet address or buy it in the wallet itself. Prizes are distributed by the validator with each new block mined.

1. Open the Atom wallet.

2. Then click ATOM from the coin list.

3. Click Staking menu.

4. Later, you will see a reconnaissance interface. Your balance is available for stake, your ATOM is at stake and is not binding and rewarded.

5. You can change the validator by clicking on its name and choosing from the list. And see your income history. Double-check the information and click Peg.

6. You can now bet your Atomic Wallet token. You will see a transaction hash. Click on the hash to track it in the explorer block.

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